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Title Author Publisher ID No.
17th and 18th Century French Porcelain Savage, G. Barrie & Rockliffe 67
18th Century Porcelain, The Colour Treasury of  Ducret, S. Phaidon 314
50 Masterpieces of Pottery and Glass - V & A Museum 335
A History of World Pottery Cooper, E Batsford 265
A Potter Book Leach, Bernard Faber & Faber 526
Advanced Pottery Brookfield, Linda Hale 506
American Porcelain Herman, L E Timber 71
Ancient Cyprus Brown & Catling Ashmolean 325
Ancient Mosaics Ling, R - 279
Ancient Pottery Rivka Gonan Cassell 271
Ancient pottery of the Holy Land Amiran, R Rutgers Univ Press 240
Anglo-Saxon Pottery Kennet, D Shire 221
Animals in Pottery & Porcelain Cushion, J. Cory, Adams & McKay 116
Architectural Ceramics Hamilton, D. Thames & Hudson 121
Art and Life in Polynesia Barrow Pall Mall Press 72
Art and Technique of Painting on Porcelain Miserez-Schira, G. Patrick Stevens 167
Art Deco and Modern Ceramics McCready Thames & Hudson 76
Art of Bernard Leach - V. & A. Museum 448
Art of the Ancient Near and Middle East Ry, C du Abrams 322
Art of the old English potter Solon, L M E.P. 122
Arts and Crafts of Indonesia Richter, A Thames & Hudson 321
Arts of Japan 3 Tea Ceremony Utensils Fujioka Weatherhill 216
Ash glazes Rogers, P Black, Chilton 36
Ash Glazes Rogers, P Black 493
Bennington Pottery, How to Identify Barret, R C Greene 334
Bernard Leach Exhibition Guide - Arts Council 463
Bernard Moore Dawson, A. Richard Dennis 49
Bernard Moore, Master Potter 1850 - 1935 - V. & A. Museum 81
Blue and White Transfer Ware 1780 - 1840 Coysh, A.W. David & Charles 232
Border Wares (two copies) Pearce, J. H.M.S.O. 185
Brickworks Heeney, G Black 113
British Art Pottery Coysh, A.W. David & Charles 68
British Ceramic Marks Cushion Faber 439
British Pottery Industry Smyth, G. & Gay P.W. Butterworth 53
British Studio Potters' Marks Yates-Owen & Formier A & C Black 476
British Studio Potters' Marks Yates-Owen & Fournier A & C Black 531
British Teapots and Tea drinking Emmerson H.M.S.O. 94
Brushwork of the Far East Sadamiyade Batsford 191
Building Pottery Equipment Harvey, R. Pitman 269
Casting techniques Beecroft, G Batsford 181
Catalogue of pottery of William de Morgan Pinkham, R V. & A. Museum 82
Ceramic Art of Great Britain Jewitt, C WLR 117
Ceramic Faults and Remedies Fraser, H Black 21
Ceramic Forms - 1973 - 1974 7 British Potters British Council 91
Ceramic Glazes Singer, F Borax Consolidated 10
Ceramic Glazes Singer, F Borax Consolidated 11
Ceramic Glazes Singer, F - 469
Ceramic Glazes - Third Edition Parmalee & Harman Cahners 254
Ceramic Jewellery Bosworth, Joy A & C Black 350
Ceramic Jewellery Bosworth, Joy A & C Black 517
Ceramic screen printing Kosloff, A Sign of the Times 172
Ceramic Sculpture Kenny, J. Pitman 213
Ceramic Surface, The Osterman, Matthias A & C Black 511
Ceramic Surfaces, The Potters Guide to  Connell, J Apple 489
Ceramics - Mastering the Craft Zakin, R Black 157
Ceramics and Print Scott, Paul Black 143
Ceramics and Print Scott, Paul Black 144
Ceramics and print Scott, Paul Black 349
Ceramics and Print (2nd Edition) Scott, Paul Black 329
Ceramics and Print Scott, Paul Penn Press 519
Ceramics and the Human Figure Garcia, Edith A & C Black 515
Ceramics for Children at Cheyne Woody, E John Murray 244
Ceramics for Gardens and landscapes Hessenberg, K Black 291
Ceramics Manual Flight, Gordon Collins 528
Ceramics of the world Canusso, L MacDonald 125
Ceramics with mixed Media Bosworth, Joy A & C Black 516
Ceramics, An Illustrated Dictionary of  Savage & Newman Thames & Hudson 19
Ceramics, The New  Dormer, P 174
China Teapots Agius, P. Lutterworth 462
China, The Ceramic Art of  - V & A Museum 294
China, The Genius of  Royal Academy - 264
Chinese Ceramics from Datable Tombs Addis, J.M. Sotheby 80
Chinese Glazes Wood, Nigel Black 298
Chinese Porcelain Boulay, A du Octopus 178
Chinese Pottery of the Han Dynasty Laufer, B. Tuttle 61
Chinese Stoneware Glazes Grebanier, J. Pitman 253
Clay (pamphlet) Crofton, K. E.S.A. 138
Clay Art of Adrian Saxe Lynn, M Thames & Hudson 31
Clay for People with Special Needs Botterill, C Black 317
Clay, A Dialogue with  Voulkos, P Patrick Stevens 192
Clays Hamer, F & J Pitman 6
Clays and Glazes for the Potter Rhodes, D Pitman 186
Cobalt, Nickel and Selenium in Pottery Webb, H. W. Mond 481
Coiled Pottery - Traditional & Contemporary Ways Blandino, B Black 147
Coiled Pottery (revised edition) Blandino, B Black 330
Coiled Pottery (revised edition.) Blandino, B Black 340
Coiled Pottery (revised edition.) Blandino, B Black 484
Contemporary Kiln-Formed Glass Cummings, Keith Black 501
Contemporary Studio Porcelain (2nd edition) Lane, Peter Black 304
Continental Porcelain Cushion, J. Letts 152
Continental Pottery and Porcelain - Concise  Encyclopaedia Haggar Andre Deutsch 467
Copeland Wilkinson, V Shire 458
Country Pottery McGarva, A. Black 300
Craft Pottery Plowman Shire 451
Craftsmen of Quality - Crafts Advisory Council 47
Creative Pottery Cosentino, Peter Tiger 529
Crystalline Glazes Creber, Diane A & C Black 520
Davenport Pottery and Porcelain 1794 - 1887 Lockett, A. David & Charles 261
Decorated Stoneware Pottery of North America Webster, D B Tuttle 78
Decorative Art of New Guinea Lewis, A Dover 324
Delftware Bedford, J Cassell 133
Dictionary Hamer, F. 475
Drawings, Verse and Beliefs Leach, B. Jupiter 285
Dutch tiles Jonge, C.H. de Praeger 176
Early Wedgwood Pottery Wedgwood Wedgwood 177
Eastern Ceramics Reitlinger, G. Ashmolean Museum 118
Eighteenth Century English Porcelain Savage, G. Rockliffe 56
Electric Kiln Ceramics Riegger, H. Van Nostrand 252
Electric Kiln Ceramics Zakin, R Black 22
Electric Kiln Construction for Potters Fournier, R. Van Nostrand 37
Electric Kiln, The Fraser, H Black 141
Electric Kiln, The Fraser, H Black 142
Electric Kilns and Firing Fraser, H Pitman 1
Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Godden, G.A. Herbert Jenkins 477
English and Scottish Earthenware Hughes, G.B. Abbey Library 200
English Blue and White Porcelain Watney, B. Faber 171
English Book of Country Pottery Brears, P David & Charles 199
English Ceramics Fisher, S. Hawthorn 214
English Ceramics Hughes, B. & T. Abbey Library 198
English Cream Coloured Earthenware Towner, D.C. Faber 211
English Porcelain Cushion, J. Letts 204
English Pottery and Porcelain - British Museum Pubs. 447
English Pottery and Porcelain Honey, W.B. Black 52
English Pottery and Porcelain - Concise Encyclopaedia Haggar Andre Deutsch 468
English Pre-historic Pottery V. & A. Museum H.M.S.O. 487
English Slipware Dishes 1650 - 1850 Cooper, R. Alec Tiranti 158
Ettore Scotsass Ceramics Scottsass, E Thames & Hudson 95
European Porcelain Bacci, M. Hamlyn 115
European Porcelain, An Introduction to  Wynter, H. Arlington 308
European Pottery and Porcelain Attersbury, P. Main St. 169
Extruded Ceramics Diana Pancioli A & C Black 509
Faience Parlantes Mannoni, E Massin Editeur 209
Fine Porcelain and Pottery Fisher, S. Octopus 126
French Porcelain Landais, H. Weidenfeld & Nicolson 45
Functional Pottery Hopper, R Black 316
Gabriele Koch Koch, G Marston House 495
German Porcelain Honey, W.B. Faber 203
Glaze Recipes Professional Potters Bulling & Sons 255
Glaze Recipes, The Potters Book of  Cooper, Emma Black 210
Glazes for the Studio Potter Cooper, E & Royale, D Batsford 20
Greek and Roman Pottery Lamps Bailey, D British Museum 64
Greek Ornament Connell, P Batsford 149
Greek Pottery Dugas, C. Newnes 43
Greek Pottery Painting Mingazzini, P Hamlyn 332
Greek Terracottas Higgins, R. A. Methuen 243
Guide to Public Collections of Studio Pottery in the British Isles Fournier, R. & S. Ceramic Review 281
Gzhel Pottery Vasilyev, C Aurora Art Publishers 123
Hamada, Potter Leach, B Thames & Hudson 97
Handbook of Chinese Art Medley, M. Bell 66
Hand-building Hardy, M Black 482
Hand-built Ceramics Waller, J Batsford 183
Hannah Barlow, A Doulton Artist Rose, Peter Christie’s 310
Hans Coper Birks, T. William Collins 263
Henry Moore, The Life of Berthoud, Roger DLM 518
Het Aantijken Waart Kleyn, J. de J.N. de Bussy 62
Hispano Moresque Pottery - V. & A. Museum 471
Historical Relics Unearthed in China - Peking Forn Lang Press 327
History of Ancient Pottery Birch John Murray 282
Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery Fournier,Robert Black 480
Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery (revised edition) Fournier, R. Van Nostrand 88
Impressed and Incised Ceramics Minogue, C Black 277
In the Potteries Claxton, W.J. Blackie 466
Introduction to Ceramics  Kingery, W.D. Wiley 16
Investor’s Guide to Glass and Pottery Blakemore Butterworth 400
Islamic Pottery - A Guide to Hobson, R.L. British Museum 464
Italian Maiolica Scott - Taggart, J Country Life 333
Italian Porcelain Lane, A. Faber 197
Italian Sculpture from Prehistory to the Etruscans Carra, M Hamlyn 318
Japanese Ceramics Saunders, H. H K. I. 233
Japanese Ceramics Tagai, H. Color Books 110
Japanese Porcelain Jenyns, S. Faber 153
Japanese Porcelain (1800 - 1950) Schiffer, N. N. Schiffer 195
Japanese Potter, The  Medley, M. Phaidon 111
Japanese Pottery Handbook, The Simpson,Kitto,Sodeoka K. I. 184
Jewitt’s Ceramic Art 1800-1900 Godden, G.A. Barrie 234
Josiah Wedgwood Burton, A. Andre Deutsch 307
Jug and Related Stoneware, The  Osgood Tuttle 77
Jugs Henrywood, R Shire 454
Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie, Exhibition Guide - - 312
Kenzan and his tradition Leach, B Faber 85
Kiln Book, The Olsen, F. Keramos 258
Kiln Building Gregory, I. Pitman 14
Kiln Building Gregory, I. Black 146
Kiln building with space-age materials (cloth) Colson, F Van Nostrand 248
Kiln building with space-age materials (paperback) Colson, F Van Nostrand 251
Kilns - Design, Construction & Operation Rhodes, D. Pitman 40
Korean Ceramics Akaboshi, G. Weatherhill 59
Kutani Ware Nakagawa, S. K.I. 87
La Faience de Moustiers Hedal-Samson, B. Ouest France 119
La Porcelaine Francaise Massin, C C Massin 337
Large Scale Ceramics Robison, J - 272
Later Prehistoric Pottery In England & Wales Elsdon, S Shire 442
Les Faiences de Nevers Plas, S de C. Massin 99
Les Faiences de Rouen du Nord Plas, S de Massin 309
Les Faiences de Strasbourg et de l’Est de France Massin, C Massin, C 218
Les Faiences du Midi et du Sud-Ouest Plas, S de Massin 311
Les Potiers de Puisaye Poulet, M. - 286
Les Pots de Pharmacie Dauguet, C C. Massin 98
Lettering on Ceramics White, M Black 498
Little Brickhill Tile Kilns and Their Products, The  Mynard, D.C. British Arch. Assoc. 296
London Potters circa 1570 – 1710 Edwards, R. George Street Press 295
Lords of the Underworld - Classic Maya Ceramics Coe, M. D. Princeton Univ. 313
Low Solubility Glazes Singer, F - 470
Lustre Greg Daly A & C Black 510
Lustre Pottery Caiger-Smith, A. Herbert 256
Lustreware Gibson, M Shire 455
Macro-Crystalline Glazes Ilsley, Peter Crowood 508
Macro-Crystalline Glazes Ilsley, Peter Crowood 297
Made in Ancient Greece Price, C Bodley Head 319
Maiolica, Delft and Faience Scavizzi, G Hamlyn 132
Maiolica Carnegy, Daphne A & C Black 525
Maiolica, The New  Ostermann, M Black 287
Majolica Pottery Marks, M Collectors Books 339
Making and Decorating Pottery Tiles Southwell, B.C. Faber 148
Making Ceramic Tableware Stratham, C. _ 17
Making of Wedgwood Wedgwood 227
Making Pottery Figures Drawbell, M Alec Tiranti 217
Marks and Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain Chaffers Reeves 114
Marks and Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain Chaffers Reeves 207
Mask Arts of Mexico Lechuga,R & Sayer,C Thames & Hudson 320
Mediaeval Floor Tiles Wright, J. A. John Baker 226
Mediaeval Middle Eastern Pottery Allan, J.W. Oxford University Press 460
Mediaeval Pottery Haslam, G Shire 220
Mediaeval Pottery Rackham, B Faber 235
Mediaeval Syrian Pottery Porter, V. Oxford University Press 103
Mediaeval Tile, The  Eames, E.S. British Museum Pubs. 446
Meissen Porcelain Ducret, S. Hallweg 450
Meissen Porcelain in Colour Morley-Fletcher, H. Exeter 230
Meissen porcelain: Art Nouveau period Just, J Orbis 188
Michael Cardew Clark, G. Faber 100
Michael Cardew - A Collection of Essays Lund, Humphries Crafts Advisory Council 46
Ming Porcelains Joseph, A. Bibelot 284
Mingei, Masterpieces of Japanese Folkcraft Seki Thames & Hudson 137
Minton Jones, J Shire 453
Moche Pottery from Peru Banks, G British Museum Pubs. 283
Modelling in Clay and Other Materials Arthur, D Black 179
Modelling the Figure in Clay Lucchesi, B. Pitman 130
Modelling the Head in Clay Lucchesi, B Pitman 35
Mold Makers Handbook, The  499
Mold Making Frith, D Krause 278
Mold Making for Ceramics Keith, D. E. Chilton 196
Moulded and Slipcast Pottery and Ceramics Cowley, D. Batsford 257
Naked Clay Perryman, J. Black 228
Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Pottery Gibson, A. Shire 306
North German Folk Pottery Kaufmann, G. Internat Exhib. Foundtn 129
Old English Porcelain Honey, W.B. Faber 63
On Pottery and Porcelain Rogers, M Waston, Guptil 242
Oriental Glazes Bailey, M Black 44
Oriental Glazes Wood, N Pitman 8
Outline Guide to Pottery Birks, T. Blandford 13
Oxford Clay - Subject Plan Griffin, A.M. Beds County Council 134
Painted Clay Scott, P Black 315
Paper Clay Gault, R 276
Pattern, Colour and Form Genders, Carolyn A & C Black 512
Peasants and Potters Peake & Fleure Oxford University Press 107
People of the Potteries Wedgwood, H.A. Adams & Dart 65
Persian Pottery, In Search of  Mitsukoni Yoshida Weatherhill 58
Pioneer Pottery Cardew, M Longmans 26
Pioneer Pottery Cardew, M Black 488
Plaster Casting for the Student Sculptor Wager, V. Alec Tiranti 48
Porcelain Aldridge, E. Hamlyn 105
Porcelain Foley, Vivienne Bloomsbury 522
Porcelain Tait, H. Spring Art Books 336
Porcelain figures Harris, N Sanson Low Coll Lib 331
Porcelain Figures V. & A. Museum H.M.S.O. 449
Porcelain Marks of the World Poche, E. Hamlyn 478
Porcelain Through the Ages Savage, G. Pelican 440
Porcelain Traditions and New Visions McCready Watson, Guptil 96
Portrait of Potteries Morland, B. Robert Hale 54
Pot Lids, A Price Guide Ball, A. Antique Collectors Club 79
Pots, A Book of  Malone, K Black 494
Potter, The Energy Efficient  Brodie, R.C. Watson, Guptil 270
Potter, The Self-reliant  Holden, A 165
Potter’s Art in Africa, The Fagg, W. & Picton, J. B.M.P. Ltd. Britsh Museum 104
Potter’s Book, A Leach, B. Faber 50
Potter’s Palette Ogden, C & S Apple 274
Potter’s Work, A  Leach, B. Jupiter 101
Potters Complete Book of Clay and Glazes, The Chappell, J Pitman 33
Potters Dictionary, The  (5th edition) Hamer, F & J Black 41
Potters Guide to Raw Glazing & Oil Firing, A  Parks, D. Pitman 229
Potters Q & A Book, The  Bliss, G - 280
Potters Rustique Pavelac, P.H. C. Massin 127
Pottery Birks, T Blacks 166
Pottery and Ceramics Bunn, R. MacMillan 102
Pottery and Ceramics Clark, K. Studio Vista 154
Pottery and Ceramics Hamilton, D. Thames & Hudson 120
Pottery form Rhodes, D Pitman 90
Pottery Form: Illustrated Dictionary Fournier, R. Van Nostrand 30
Pottery from the Nile Valley before the Arab Conquests Brugman, J. Fitzwilliam Museum 156
Pottery Gazette Reference Book and Directory - - 479
Pottery Glazes, A Handbook of Green, D Faber 236
Pottery in England 3500 BC - AD 1730 Barton, K.J. David & Charles 55
Pottery in Roman Britain Swan, V Shire 223
Pottery in the Ancient World Eyles, D. Doulton & Co. 245
Pottery in the Roman world Peacock, D.P.S. Longmans 173
Pottery Kilns in Roman Britain Swan V.G. H.M.S.O. 69
Pottery on the Wheel Woody, E John Murray 34
Pottery Raku Techniques Lynggard, F. Van Nostrand 225
Pottery Science (2 copies) Wickham Pitman 3
Pottery Techniques, On and Off the Wheel Bagg, G VNR 15
Pottery Through the Ages Savage, G. Pelican 441
Pottery Today Baker, D.V. Oxford University Press 473
Pottery Trade and North Staffordshire 1660 - 1760, The  Weatherhill, L Manchester Univ. Press 108
Pottery, techniques of decoration Colbeck, J Batsford 497
Pottery, The Technique of Hand-built  Winterburn, M Watson, Guptil 159
Pottery, the technique of throwing Colbeck, J Batsford 496
Practical Pottery, Illustrated Dictionary of  Fournier, R Black 28
Prattware Lewis Shire 456
Precious Metal Clay McCreight, T Black 299
Pre-Colombian Terracottas Monti, F Hamlyn 260
Prehistoric Art Poulik, J Spring 326
Prehistoric Pottery Langmaid, N Shire 224
Prehistoric Pottery in China Wu, C.D. Kegan, Paul 268
Primitive Pottery Rigger, H. Van Nostrand 75
Professional Potter, The  Shafer Pitman 73
Pueblo Potter Bunzel, R Dover Publications 112
Raku Branfman, S Black 215
Raku Branfman, S. Black 124
Raku Mathieson, J Black 491
Raku - A Review of Contemporary Work Andrews, T Black 238
Raku Handbook Dickerson, J Studio Vista 292
Raku, Investigations into Fire Jones, D Crowood 288
Renovating Pottery and Porcelain Grover,M David & Charles 12
Resist  and Masking Techniques Beard, P Black 42
Resist and Masking Techniques Beard, P Black 483
Rockingham Pottery and Porcelain Cox, A. Faber 187
Rockingham Pottery, The Eaglestone, A & Lockett, T A David and Charles 194
Rolled Pottery Figures Blackman Pitman 7
Roman Roads Baggeshaw, R Shire 338
Romano-British Mosaics Johnson, P Shire 219
Rushden: Early Fine Wares Woods, P & Hastings, S Northamptonshire CC 237
Salt Glaze Ceramics Mansfield, J Black 193
Salt glazed ceramics Troy, J Pitman 239
Saltglaze Starkey Pitman 4
Sawdust firing Hessenburg Batsford 168
Scottish Pottery Crookshank, G Shire 452
Sculptural Ceramics Gregory, I Black 486
Sculpture for the Potter Ruscoe, W. Academy Editions 27
Sculpture, The Restorers Handbook of  Marie, Jean Andre 182
Self-Sufficient Pottery Conningham-Smith, J David & Charles 267
Setting up a pottery workshop Young, A Black 301
Shino and Oribe Ceramics Fujioka, R Phaidon Press 266
Shoji Hamada A potters way and work Peterson,S K. I. 259
Single Firing Tristam, F Black 490
Slab Building Marshall, W Black 9
Slipware Barker, D Shire 457
Slipware Wondrausch, M. Black 249
Slipware - Contemporary Approaches Eden, V & M Black 275
Soda glazing Tudball, R Black 140
South Italian Vase Painting Trendall, A.D. British Museum 60
Spanish Folk Ceramics Artigas, J.L. Blome 131
Spode Copeland, R Shire 459
Staffordshire Figures Scott, A Shire 443
Staffordshire Salt Glazed Stoneware Mountford, A R Barrie & Jenkins 86
Stoneware & Porcelain - The Art of High-Fired Pottery Rhodes, D. Pitman 160
Stoneware and Porcelain Hamilton, D. Thames & Hudson 180
Studio Potter Book Williams Van Nostrand 206
Style in Pottery Lane, A. Faber 135
Sussex pottery Baines, J.M. Fisher 57
Tamba Pottery Rhodes, D. K.I. 231
Technique of Pottery Billington, D.M. Batsford 38
Technique of Pottery Billington, D.M. Batsford 212
Ten Thousand Years of Pottery Cooper, Emanuel British Museum Press 492
Ten Thousand Years of Pottery Cooper, Emanuel British Museum Press 513
Terracotta - The Technic of fired Clay sculpture Lucchesi, B Watson, Guptil 190
The Art of Vietnam Hejzlar, J Hamlyn 323
The Complete Potter - Porcelain Whyman Batsford 164
The Figure in Fired Clay (two copies) Blandino, B Black 485
The Glaze Book Murfitt, S Thames & Hudson 328
The Kanthal Handbook 1970 - _ 51
The Kiln Book Olsen, Frederick A & C Black 523
The Mudpie Dilemma Nance, J Timber 175
The Potters Bible Scott, Marylin (editor) A & C Black 524
The Practical Potter Warshaw, Josie Hermes House 530
The Roman Potters’ Kilns of Colchester Hull, M.R. Oxford University Press 222
The Self Reliant Potter Holden, Andrew Ferwood Press 527
The Story of Chinese Porcelain Anderson, M F.J. Parsons 150
These Minor Monuments Wolseley & Schuster Arco 305
Things to make in pottery Smith, J.A.A. Peter Haddock 293
Throwing Phetean, Richard A & C Black 514
Throwing Pots Roger, Phil A & C Black 521
Throwing Large Collins, Nic A & C Black 507
Throwing Pottery - 72 Projects Beck, C. Isles House 241
Tiles: a collector’s guide Lemmen, H van Souvenir Press 262
Tin Glazed Earthenware Carnegy, D Black 189
Toby Jugs McLaren, G Shire 444
Tulip Ware ofthePennsylvania - German Potters Barber E A Dover Publications 106
Turkish Pottery - V. & A. Museum 472
Tyneside Pottery Bell, R. C. Studio Vista 205
Using the Potter’s Wheel Campbell, D. Van Nostrand 208
Victorian Ceramic Tiles Barnard, J Studio Vista 89
Victorian Staffordshire Figures Oliver, A. St. Martins 201
Victorian Tiles Lemmen, H. van Shire 445
Vosges - Pottery & Porcelain Longny-toul ABC 128
Wedgwood Jasper Reilly, R. Thames & Hudson 247
Wedgwood, A collectors Book Klankin, M. & C. David & Charles 202
William Staite Murray Haslam & Cripps Crafts Council 170
Women Potters Vincentelli, M Black 136
Wood-fired Ceramics, Contemorary Practices Minogue & Sanderson Black 290
Working with Porcelain Sandeman, A Pitman 2
World Ceramics Charleston, R. Hamlyn 92
Yuan Porcelain and Stoneware Medley, M. Faber 83
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